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I offer a luxury boudoir experience that is catered to every women's needs. Through my lens, I capture moments that radiate joy, sensuality, and authenticity, guiding you towards a deeper connection with your inner goddess. I have years of helping women break out of their shell and find the confidence they've been looking for!

A Remarkable photographer Unveiling Untapped Potential

about me

As a boudoir photographer, I'll offer a glimpse into my own story but also serves as a guiding light for clients seeking self-love, empowerment, and a renewed sense of confidence.  I have been in the boudoir industry for years and make it my mission to help women learn to love themselves again. 
At the heart of my narrative stands my incredible husband, who has been my unwavering pillar of support throughout this journey. Together, we embarked on a mission to turn my passion for capturing authentic beauty into a thriving dream business. His unwavering belief in me and our shared vision allowed me to overcome obstacles and build a creative sanctuary where self-love reigns supreme. 
With an extensive background in helping others cultivate self-love, I've witnessed the transformative power of boudoir photography firsthand. I've learned to uncover the unique essence that lies within each person. Every click of the shutter captures not just a beautiful image but also the stories of resilience, strength, and the triumph of self-acceptance.
I believe that true empowerment comes from embracing our individuality and celebrating all body types, ages, and backgrounds. Through a personalized approach and genuine connection, I strive to make every session an experience that transcends photography, leaving clients feeling uplifted, confident, and unapologetically themselves.
Together, let us embark on a path of self-discovery, self-expression, and unwavering empowerment, one photograph at a time.

Discover the Story Behind the Lens


My best quality:

Riding my horses

my favorite hobby:

my husband and animals

I can't live without:

Horse Tack!

i can't stop buying:

biting my nails......

I have a bad habit of:

Jessi, Jess or Jay

My nickname:

Things You Might Not Know About Me

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

- Ashley S.

“Jessica Street Photography completely blew all of my expectations out of the water. I had never done a boudoir session before and had no idea what to expect. Jessica was there for me right from the beginning, She helped me from picking out outfits right to the images at the reveal session! I never thought I would feel this confident in my life time. I highly recommend Jessica Street Photography ”

"I never thought I would feel this confident"

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